Honduras Trip 2009

Every other year, a team of members of the church travele to Tegucigalpa, Honduras to work with the congregations there. Some of the activities we have participated in include: a ladies' seminar to share ideas on teaching Bible stories to children, painting the new medical clinic, helping build a house for a church member and her family, children's classes, benevolence, and several medical clinics.







Here is a letter of appreciation that was written by Tania, the lady whose house we helped build:


Tegucigalpa, MDC—June 16, 2009


To all the bothers and sisters from the state of Kansas, in the USA.

To the church of Christ in McPherson, Kansas:


Greetings with the great love that our God and heavenly father gives us to unite me with you; and at the same time I wish with all my heart that the Great King of all the universe would bless you today, tomorrow and forever. First of all, please forgive me for the paper that I am using to write my letter, because I wanted to send my appreciation and it would be my joy if it could be read at the end of our meeting, either at the end of services on Sunday or the last day.


I fully understand that I don’t have the words to express my appreciation for the work you have done; building my house or paying for the lot. I know that because of my poverty I would never have been able to pay for it. The reality of it all is that I am a single mother with 4 children, though I have been a working mother trying to help my children survive. But I know that whatever pay I get it will never be enough to upkeep my house, but I don’t like to give up and so I continue to go forward.


I want to appreciate each and every member, because I know that through your giving you have been able to help me through something that I long ago realized that I could never bring about. I also want to thank all of you that have come from so far to help. I really appreciate those that worked in the construction, because they worked very hard and long hours on this labor of love. I would also want to thank Bro. Dr. Gregory Thomas and Bro. Roberto Miranda who came down and saw where I was living at in my poverty and difficulties. Now, more than ever I understand the significance of giving; because through your giving, you have helped me.


I also would like to thank Bro. Cesar Tabora for him taking the time to evangelize me for 7 years. He was persistent and he finally taught me that I had been in an erroneous sect. He stayed after me until I became a member of the church of Christ. The one think I always did was read the literature that he left at my house.


I have been a member who loves to work for the Lord. I clean the church building and I don’t look for compensation. I love to do this work! I know that my Lord has blessed me because I can see it in all areas. He has blessed me through you and the gifts that you have given. During the writing of this letter, I have cried many tears because I truly believe the Lord has given me compensation in this life! I have realized that God is the owner of all the silver and gold in this world and He uses us to give, whether it is a little or a lot; as long as we have placed in our hearts that desire to help others in our difficulties.


Now, I know that I will sleep more easily. I used to suffer from insomnia, thinking and worrying about how I was going to make it in this world. I was especially worried about the bank taking my house away from me as I saw the due date getting closer and closer. But today, thanks to you and to our mighty God, I am more at ease.


I know that being in church I have had tribulations that I thought were impossible to overcome, but God has always been by my side. Sometimes I feel that He has left my side, but I know that is the human side of me. I know that I have a lot of faults, but even then I try to go forward. I beg that you would pray for my family and me, so that now, more than ever, we continue to be faithful Christians. Please pray for my economic situation and for my daughter. Please pray for my country, because there is so much violence here. Please pray for Bro. Cesar Tabora and his family so that God can strengthen them to do His work here. I still pray that God will allow me to congregate with all of you, if not here then in heaven, because I know that I am no longer poor, but that I have all spiritual blessings! And as Paul said, “I no longer live but Christ lives in me!”  I know God will some day allow me to visit you for a little while and then return to my country.