Adventures In Missions

We help two students enrolled in the Adventures In Missions program. The program starts in Lubbock TX, where they study for 8 months, gaining more Bible knowledge, and other knowledge. During this time, they also participate in Mission Training and Team Building. For a week during this time, they travel to different spots in the United States, and help out different congregations for a week. During this week they help out around the town, doing service projects, team building, and Bible studies. Once the 8 months is complete, they break into groups, and are assigned to different mission fields. They spend 14 to 22 months in their assigned mission field, working with local missionaries and find ways to help serve the Lord's church.

Hannah Griffith is working with a team in Honduras.

James Fish is in Phoenix Arizona for his mission work. He recently came back and gave a report for the congregation here. Below is his report.



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